Marriage and Family Therapy

Monica McGoldrick Podcast with Dr. Eli Kehram of AAMFT (transcript of podcast interview) Today, someone that even if you have never heard her speak, you have certainly read one of her books if you have been through any MFT or systemic therapy training programs.  I am talking about Monica McGoldrick.  I had never met Monica … Read more

A Powerful New Video Series

Using Family Systems Theory in Psychotherapy Here’s what Dr. Evan Imber Black says about this video series:“This powerful three video series is destined to influence the psychotherapy practice of all who watch it. A unique opportunity to witness the versatility and expansiveness of the Multi-Generational Family Systems Model, in the deft hands of master therapist, … Read more

Developing Teaching Videos

For the past several years the institute has been focusing on producing teaching videos, including short and longer videos for classroom teaching as well as short videos to use with clients in therapy. We have always used videos in our teaching, but the limitations of use of videos of client sessions as well as the … Read more

History of The Multicultural Family Institute

The Multicultural Family Institute (MFI or the Institute) developed from a family systems training program that began in 1972 at the Community Mental Health Center of Rutgers Medical School (CMHC) in Piscataway New Jersey, spearheaded by Monica McGoldrick. In 1991, due to changes in the landscape of mental health, the program moved to Metuchen and … Read more

Stonehenge: Historic Women Family Therapist Meetings 1984 and 1986

STONEHENGE WOMEN’s COLLOQUIUMS Click here for the video of pictures and discussion of the meetings. 3 Meetings of Women Family Therapists: 1984, 1986, 1991 by Monica McGoldrick & Froma Walsh It was not so long ago that leading women from many tribes and from many parts of the territory left behind their husbands, children, and … Read more