Genograms: Assessment and Treatment (4th)

“Master clinician McGoldrick and her coauthors have done it again! A delightfully wise, elegant, helpful, and practical clinical book” — Maureen Leahey, RN, Ph.D.

Widely used by both family therapists and all health care professionals, the genogram is a graphic way of organizing the mass of information gathered during a family assessment and finding patterns in the family system for more targeted treatment.

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Expanding Family Life Cycle, 5th Edition

By Monica McGoldrick, Nydia Garcia Preto & Betty Carter.


This is the seminal text on the Family Life Cycle which has been a best seller since it was first published in 1980, 5 editions and 37 years ago. The book now has an expanded delineation of the individual life cycle and how it intersects with the family life cycle along with chapters on sexuality over the life cycle and a life cycle perspective on friendship.

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The Genogram Journey

The Genogram Journey

(formerly called You Can Go Home Again)

published by W. W. Norton

Monica McGoldrick from The Genogram Journey: “Families are, except in rare circumstances, the most important emotional system most of us ever belong to. They shape the course and outcome of our lives…”

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The Genogram Casebook

The Genogram Casebook: A Clinical Companion to Genograms: Assessment and Intervention

published by W. W. Norton, 2016.


Given the increasing popularity of genograms in the training and practice of social work, medicine, psychology, nursing, counseling and many related fields, including education, there is a need for a clinical primer that articulates exactly how to use genograms in practice.

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