You Can Go Home Again: Reconnecting With Your Family

by Monica McGoldrick & Tracey Laszloffey

A fully updated 3rd edition of this book on transforming family relationships by well known therapist, Monica McGoldrick, often referred to as the “godmother of genograms,” and her colleague Tracey Laszloffy, a long time family therapy professor and collaborator. The book’s focus is on the importance of our knowing who we are, who we belong to, and how we can define our lives according to our own values; that is, on a systemic understanding of our relationship with those to those who came before us, those who go through life with us and those who in the future will be our immortality on earth. Using the examples of famous families from Frida Kahlo to the Wright brothers, James Baldwin, Obama, Freud, and Beethoven, this book poignantly explores how understanding our family dynamics, history and genogram can help us transform our relationships and connect differently to others.