Jefferson Downloadable Genogram PDF


Thomas Jefferson’s TOF- Genogram Story in 15 pages of text and pictures and detailed genograms

With Mention of some Revolutionary Era

Heroes, Villains and a few In-Between,

including Gouverneur Morris, Thomas Mann Randolph,

Patrick Henry, & John Marshall

Downloadable 15-page PDF opens on Mac and PC.



Thomas Jefferson was among our most talented Presidents: an inventor, a scientist, an architect, a writer, an agronomist. It is estimated that he left at least 18,000 personal letters, having destroyed many more! He even invented a “copier” in the form of a double pen so what he wrote could include a copy of each page. Jefferson was probably one of the geniuses of all time –in contrast to George Washington, who was a great military leader and a great leader altogether, but he could barely write or spell.

At the same time, among the major secrets our whole nation has kept for 200 years, is that our multi-talented and much-admired Founder, author of the Declaration of Independence, and 3rd U.S. President, Thomas Jefferson had at least 6 children with his slave Sally Hemings.