Jobs Genogram Downloadable PDF


This up-to-date pdf contains valuable historical and biographical details, insightful analysis of key relationships, and genogram diagrams to help understand context and families.


The Genogram Story of Steve Jobs, by Monica McGoldrick

We know Steve Jobs as one of the pioneers of the computer revolution, the creator of Apple Computers. His biographer, Walter Isaacson speaks of his roller-coaster life and searingly intense personality. He was born on Feb 24, 1955, which was, according to Malcolm Gladwell, the pivotal year for computer developers. Bill Gates was born the same year! And Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, who ran Novell, one of Silicon Valley’s most important software firms, while internet guru Bill Joy was born in November 1954.

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A screenshot from the downloadable pdf:

screenshot from Steve Jobs Genogram Story
screenshot from Steve Jobs Genogram Story