Freud Genogram Downloadable PDF


This up-to-date pdf contains valuable historical and biographical details, insightful analysis of key relationships, and genogram diagrams to help understand context and families.


Tracking family history over the life cycle is a pivotal pathway toward understanding any person or family. Clinically it is particularly useful for clients to do the genograms for their family from a life cycle perspective in order to understand their family legacies. Considering Freud’s place as our psychological ancestor, his legacies may shed important light on our own heritage. Actually, however, Freud, like many other people who are embarrassed or pained by aspects of their background, preferred to downplay his family history, so it takes some digging to uncover. Nevertheless, the genogram of the Freud family can help us to see him in life cycle context. Since the life cycle is circular and repetitive, we can start at any point to tell the story of a family. With the Freud family, we might begin a few years before the birth of Sigmund, at the time of his parents’ courtship.

A genogram of the time of marriage or remarriage shows the coming together of two separate families, indicating where each spouse is in his or her own family life cycle. To start a new family, both partners must come to terms with their families of origin. The genogram gives clues to the role and connectedness of each spouse in his or her own family of origin…


Get the downloadable PDF of Sigmund Freud’s family story, with genograms. (21 pages, opens and prints on Mac or PC). Only $2.50! Here is a sample page from the pdf:

This is a sample page from the Freud Genogram Story by Monica McGoldrick.