The Genogram Journey


The Genogram Journey

(formerly called You Can Go Home Again)

published by W. W. Norton

Monica McGoldrick from The Genogram Journey: “Families are, except in rare circumstances, the most important emotional system most of us ever belong to. They shape the course and outcome of our lives…”

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“ Monica McGoldrick is our most important and trusted voice on the subject of families. Her splendid new book unwraps famous families as no one has done before, while giving us a hopeful and transforming perspective on the ‘ordinary’ families we come from. This book should be stamped “not for professionals only” because it will teach all readers to reconnect with the past and invent a new future. Every man and woman in therapy can hope that their therapist has discovered this book.
–Harriet Lerner, PhD, author, The Dance of Anger, The Dance of Intimacy and The Dance of Connection.


“Monica McGoldrick, godmother of genograms, has triumphed again…Genograms are simple, pictorial representations of relationships and networks used to elicit information and track stressors and resources. Perhaps their most effective application, however, is being able to detect patterns of relationships and functioning. In parts, this book is like a Who’s Who of namedropper families. Theories and practical application are explained with colorful genograms of the great, the good, and those gossiped about—the rich family dynamics of the Brontes, the Jungs and the Fondas are offered as scaffolding for learning. There are few scholarly books that entertain, delight and educate in equal measures. This is one of them.”

–Sabina Dosani, The British Journal of Psychiatry.

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