A 30 minute DVD 0n clinical interventions for dealing with unmourned loss and trauma that help build client resilience with  clinical insights from personal traumas of Dr. Norman Paul, one of the most creative of the originators of the Family Therapy Field.


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Facing Unmourned Loss and Trauma is a 30 minute film I created to provide clinical insights on of the legacies of unmourned loss. It draws clinical insights and applications from work and traumas in the personal story of family therapist, Norman Paul, one of the most creative and original of the developers of the family therapy field. His ideas and techniques inspired me, and the painful history of his own family gave me insights for my own life on dealing with the pain of unmourned loss.
This video describes creative techniques for addressing unmourned loss and trauma in therapy and illustrates the profound tragic experiences of Norman Paul and his sister, Dev Rogers’, illustrating how trauma can be transformed if it is acknowledged and dealt with.Norman Paul developed astonishingly creative ways to use video to help patients access their buried experiences so they could get in touch with their hidden feelings and be released from denial about painful experiences.
I believe this framework, and the clinical use of video,  can help clinicians in the 21st century support clients in acknowledging their painful losses in the past in order to be more present in their current lives. The primary purpose of the film is to guide us for the future to respect the legacies of the past and to find ways to maintain our connectedness to each other in the present and for the future.
The film is created as a trigger film for classroom teaching for psychology, social work, counseling, family medicine, nursing and other healthcare professionals, to demonstrate the importance of exploring legacies of unresolved loss in a family’s history. It demonstrates the value of genograms in exploring such loss.