Time, Loss, & Human Connection

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A 21 minute Video 0n Legacies of Loss, drawn from the clinical insights and work of Dr. Norman Paul, one of the most creative of the originators of the Family Therapy Field.
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This is a rare opportunity to watch the therapist who developed and popularized genograms demonstrate how to actually create and utilize them in a therapy session. In this video, you will see Monica McGoldrick in action as she masterfully conducts an initial interview with a new client, demonstrating the step-by-step process of gathering historical information, creating the genogram, and contextualizing the client’s presenting problem within a multigenerational family systems framework.

John is a 39-year-old African-American graphic designer who is having marital problems. Mystified and distressed by his pattern of distancing from his wife who is six months pregnant, he desperately wants to understand why he is pulling away. McGoldrick’s focused interest in John’s family story gently guides him in a thorough investigation of the social and historical context of his current struggles. With McGoldrick as an ally, John makes fascinating discoveries as he uncovers surprising coincidences, poignant tragedies and inspiring sources of resilience.

Watching McGoldrick engage a client in exploring the connection between his presenting problem and his family-of-origin issues is a treat in and of itself, but a bonus feature of this video is following McGoldrick’s step-by-step creation of John’s genogram on the spot. It makes for a compelling and highly educational experience.

By watching this video, you will learn how to:

  • Utilize the genogram to place clients’ presenting problems in a historical and social context
  • Respond when a client resists exploring family issues
  • Explain to clients why exploring family background is relevant

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Video: The Legacy of Unresolved Loss


Considered by many to be the best clinical videotape in the family therapy field

“Monica McGoldrick has a gift for making the complex look simple. She packs into the eight sessions recreated on the Legacy of Unresolved Loss issues of gender, ethnicity, remarriage, teenage rebellion, step-parenting, and more. She does nothing fancy, nothing tricky, but at the end of this video you’re seen a master at work.”
— Olga Silverstein, M.S.W., Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy.
Monica McGoldrick is a pioneering voice for our understanding of how families’ respond to loss. In this dramatic recreation of key moments in the 18-week course of therapy, we see how the teenage daughter’s rebellious behavior masks unresolved loss across three generations of family members. McGoldrick’s interactions with this family, further illuminated by her commentary, offer step-by-step guidance in how to: use genograms to assess patterns of unresolved loss; assign homework & prescribe rituals that help families mourn their losses; evaluate how culture and gender impact a family’s ability to cope with loss; achieve therapeutic goals by combining family, individual and couple sessions. The accompanying viewer’s manual offers extensive information on McGoldrick’s treatment model, including concrete applications of the genogram for assessment and intervention, and a session-by-session review of the therapy case.

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Video: Emancipating History: A Family’s Racial Legacy

Half hour DVD. In this interview renowned African American Family Therapist, Elaine Pinderhughes, describes her genogram journey to emancipate her history from the lies and secrecy in which it had been shrouded. Pinderhughes is a courageous woman who has been researching her family for more than 30 years. Though many family members did not want her to carry out her research, fearing the shame and pain of their family history, she bravely sought out the truth of the context of slavery, oppression and racism in which her family and all our families have been embedded for so many generations. This interview is an outstanding teaching tool for courses on racism, oppression, cultural competence, human development, social work, psychology, and sociology.

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