Miniature set consists of 26 pieces.

Weight: 1lb

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 Starter Kit

The Institute offers for sale a starter kit for those interested in using miniatures for creating family play genograms with families. Items in each kit will vary, but will include no fewer than 26 items. To create a family play genogram you can make a large genogram on a piece of paper (3’x3″ is best), and have each family member choose an item to represent him or herself and each other family member. Then they can share their reflections about their choices and each other’s choices. A second exercise can involve choosing items to represent the relationship between 2 people rather than a single person. This can, of course, be expanded to choosing an item to reflect how you hope your relationship with another person will be in the future, etc. etc. These items can be found in Dollar Stores and toy stores, but we’ve made starter kits that come in a plastic box for easy carrying if you are making home visits or for easy storage in a clinic.