Living Beyond Loss

Living Beyond Loss

2nd Edition, W. W. Norton, 2004. By Froma Walsh & Monica McGoldrick

This is the authoritative volume on the impact of death on the family system. Therapeutic guidelines are offered for resolving long-term complications. Topics include spirituality, traumatic death, and stigmatized losses. The book offers reflections by prominent family therapists on their own legacies of loss.“This book has been for me as much an adventure of self-discovery as an enriching, challenging professional experience. It has expanded my capacity to think about one of the universal themes of human experience. I couldn’t wish a better journey for the reader.”— Carlos E. Sluzki, M.D.

“As health-care professionals and as fellow sufferers, we need the wisdom in this book. The clinical examples sparkle, the theory is complex yet understandable, the technical material flawless. Never maudlin, it moved me deeply and educated me as well.”— Don Bloch, M.D.

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