Genograms 3rd Edition

Genograms: Assessment and Intervention

3rd edition (W.W. Norton, 2008), updated and expanded with a 32 page color insert

Now in its 3rd edition, Genograms: Assessment and Intervention explores the richness of family dynamics as illustrated by genograms of famous families such as the Kennedys, the Freuds, the Fondas, the Roosevelts, Frieda Kahlo, Bill Clinton, Princess Dianna and many others. It provides the most complete and readable guide to the symbols, structure, and interpretation of genograms, illustrated. This text has become a classic in psychology, mental health, counseling , and other human services.“Continues to be the definitive work in the field. . . comprehensive, and beautifully written and illustrated . . . a must-read for all clinicians working with families.” –Robert C Like, MD, MS, Professor & Director, Center for Healthy Families & Cultural Diversity, UMDNJ, RWJ Medical School.

“With searching insight and compassion, Master clinician McGoldrick and her colleagues have done it again. By providing a crucial framework for understanding family experience in the context of history, and offering helpful questions to ask family members when constructing genograms. McGoldrick explores the power of stories to promote change. . . A delightfully wise, elegant, helpful & practical clinical book.”
—Maureen Leahey, RN, PhD, Manager, Calgary Health Region, Outpatient Mental Health.



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