Family Life Cycle

The Expanded Family Life Cycle: Individual, Family & Social Perspectives

4th Edition, Pearson, 2011

This book bridges the traditionally separate spheres of individual development and the family life cycle incorporating cultural and social perspectives. By transforming traditional categories we propose a new, more comprehensive way to think about human development over the life cycle.
We explore the reciprocal impact of stresses at multiple levels of the human system: the individual, the immediate family household(s), the extended family, the community, the cultural group, and the larger society. Although social scientists give lip service to locating individual’s larger systems, mental health professionals tend to compartmentalize theorizing about family separately from theorizing about the individual.
Human development theories have relied on psycho-dynamically oriented schemas, especially Erikson’s modifications of Freudian theory, that ignore the gender, race, sexual orientation, and class norms of society which have produced deeply skewed models of “normal” child and adult development; such schemas make those who don’t conform to dominant norms seem deficient. This thinking has been reinforced by the entire enterprise of diagnosis, which focuses on universalizing individual pathology and ignoring systemic assessments as they influence human health and illness, strengths and resilience. Such splitting does is not compatible with systems thinking.
This book celebrates the multiculturalism of the twenty-first century by which we refer not only to cultural diversity, but also to the diversity of family forms. There are many ways to go through life in a caring, productive manner, and no specific family structure is ideal. This book expands that definition of family in ways that attempt to include everyone in our society.The Expanded Family Life Cycle is a book for professionals and students in all areas of healthcare, social service, and education: psychology, social work, family therapy, nursing, and sociology, and all fields of counseling, school guidance counseling, vocational, college, addictions, and pastoral counseling.

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