Ethnicity and Family Therapy

Ethnicity & Family Therapy

Guilford Press, 2005: 3rd edition. Edited by Monica McGoldrick, Joe Giordano & Nydia Garcia Preto.

“Ethnicity and Family Therapy encompass(es) the broad range of cultural influences encountered in clinical practice today. It covers groups, including 19 different European groups and many Latino, Asian, African, American Indian and Arab cultures. An ideal text for advanced courses in family therapy, social work, psychotherapy, and counseling, the book also serves as an invaluable resource for all practitioners, regardless of orientation. It captures in one resourceful book a rich array of ethnic paradigms. Both beginning students and seasoned family clinicians working in multicultural communities can benefit from the “culture vision” inspired by the unique ethnic paradigms presented in this comprehensive book! An invaluable resource for the family practitioners in pursuit of cultural competence.”
— Journal of Multicultural Social Work”Now in its third edition, Ethnicity and Family Therapy remains one of the essential textbooks for developing cultural competence in clinical practice. Unlike any other single book in the field, its 54 chapters provide the most comprehensive description of culture-related family issues relevant to mental health and health care. At the same time, this book wisely teaches us that our understanding of these cultural patterns must incorporate not only ethnicity, but also gender, socioeconomic status, geography, religion, race, and politics, among other factors. A ‘must-have’ tour de force for seasoned professionals and trainees alike.”
— Francis G. Lu, MD, Department of Psychiatry, University of California

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